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September 15

I’m happy to report that since reopening on March 15 there have been no reported incidents of Covid-19 at SpaByKelly or The Retreat.

New standard procedures being used by SpaByKelly include:

  • Medical Grade HEPA Filtration is used at all times in the treatment room.
  • A KN95 mask and gloves are worn in all treatments.
  • More time is being allocated between clients to allow extra time for sanitation of all surfaces. 
  • Everyone can enter and exit through the side door to limit any exposure to the doctor’s office. (Thorough disinfection is occurring there as well but this is just an added layer of safety and comfort).
  • Disposables will be used wherever possible.
  • Anyone who has not been practicing social distancing, masking, regular hand-washing, and every other recommended precaution will need to postpone their appointment. Thank you!

Spa Specials are Back!!!

$59 Enzyme Facials - $69 With Microderm

Maskne Solutions

Maskne is no fun, but there’s help!

All products purchased to combat your maskne are 15% off. If you aren’t sure what you need, call or text to schedule a facial or a complementary virtual consultation. I’m here to help!

As most of us know, “Maskne” refers to acne, irritated hair follicles, small bumps, contact dermatitis, itchiness, and redness that develop from wearing a face covering. Any part of the body with a high density of oil glands, in particular the face, can be prone to clogged pores, breakouts, and skin irritation. Add to that the warm, moist environment created under your mask and all of the oils, sweat, and dirt that gets traps under there and you end up with the perfect environment for bacteria.

Also, your mask might be rubbing on certain areas of your face, causing friction and irritation. This can lead to TEWL – transepidermal water loss – and dehydration. Your skin is now in a sensitized state and will become red and inflammmed. When this happens you have to use the appropriate products to repair your skin’s barrier function. This will help soothe a lot of the irritation.

  • Control maskne by using the appropriate cleansers, moisturizers, and/or masks.
  • Avoid wearing makeup and touching or picking your face.
  • Dispose of or wash your mask daily.
  • Consider carrying a small spray bottle with some essential oils mixed with water or witch hazel to spritz your mask throughout the day to keep it cleaner – Tea Tree and Lavender come to mind. You can also spray this directly on your face but use caution if your skin is irritated.
  • Consider calling SpaByKelly to schedule a facial before it gets worse!

Your Favorite Skincare Delivered to Your Door.

Free Shipping On All Orders Over $39. ALWAYS!

You come in for a great treatment, I recommend home care products for you, you fall in love with these products and the results you get from them, you run out of these great products, and then you reorder them from… SpaByKelly of course!

KEEP IT LOCAL and buy your skincare from a trusted local partner.

SpaByKelly offers complimentary product consultations, a 100% money-back guarantee, and a promise of purity and authenticity.

Call or text (727) 723-5968 to purchase skincare products. Payments can be made online via PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, Zelle, by calling in with credit card information, or by check via snail mail.

Loyalty Program

As a token of my appreciation.....

Many of you have already earned your first reward! Have you taken advantage of this program yet?

It’s FREE! Enroll with your cell phone number at check-out and all of your purchases are tracked through Square. No punch cards to keep track off – it’s all automated and you will receive text messages as your earn rewards.

It’s EASY! Receive 1 star for every product purchased.

Earn 7 stars and you get $15 off any full-priced treatment.

BONUSES! Along the way, there will be other ways to earn stars, such as from social media check-ins, new client referrals, etc. Keep your eye on my monthly emails for these extra bonuses.